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RCVS Accredited

Lab Work

In-House Tests

Our in house lab offers a range of tests for our farm clients.

Faecal egg counts - Worm egg counts including, strongyles, nematodirus and coccidiosis. Fluke egg count.

Rapid calf scour tests – E. Coli, cryptosporidium, rotavirus & coronavirus

Milk tests – Somatic cell counts, bacteriology culture

Blood tests – Phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, creatine kanise, haematology, ketone & glucose

Colostrum – we can check the quality of colostrum and also the uptake of colostrum by young animals

Special Schemes

Subsidised or free disease monitoring schemes are available through the practice to help monitor the disease situation on your farm.

Bulk milk antibody testing

Free tests are currently available to assess the exposure of the dairy herd to Leptospirosis, BVD, IBR and liver fluke.

Mastitis Monitoring

A number of free individual cow cell count test kits are available.
Subsidized testing of mastitis samples can be carried out as part of a herd investigation.

Blood Testing Schemes

Free laboratory testing schemes are available to assess the exposure of young stock to the BVD virus.
Subsidized testing schemes are available to assess the exposure of suckler herds to Leptospirosis.

Calf Scour Investigation

We offer subsidized ‘in-house’ laboratory testing for the 4 major infectious agents causing calf scour outbreaks in calves under 3 weeks old – Rotavirus, Coronavirus, Cryptosporia and K99 E.Coli.
Free testing of samples for coccidiosis is also available.

Sheep Abortion and Infertility

Intervet’s ‘Barren Ewe Check’ scheme is currently running whereby bloods from up to six barren ewes can be tested for evidence of Toxoplasma infection. The laboratory fees are free of charge.

After lambing, ‘Flock Check’ is in operation whereby bloods from up to six ewes that have aborted can be checked for evidence of Toxoplasmosis and Enzootic abortion infections

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