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Neutering your Cat

In both male and female cats the neutering surgery is performed under a general anaesthetic. We normally recommend neutering at about five months of age. Your cat will be admitted on the morning of the procedure and will usually be ready for collection on the same afternoon. The procedure in females requires removal of the ovaries and uterus from within the abdomen and is therefore a bigger procedure than in males where the testicles are removed by incising the skin. Occasionally one or both of the testicles does not descend into the scrotum and in this case the procedure will also involve abdominal surgery. Castration is extremely important in this case as retained testicles are more likely to become cancerous. 


Once a female cat comes into season she will continue to do so every 2-3 weeks throughout the breeding season until she is mated. The breeding season runs from spring through to the end of autumn. The female cats will 'call' to attract male cats for mating. Spaying will prevent an unwanted pregnancy.


Entire male cats will spray urine to mark their territory both inside and outside the house. They have a tendency to stray further from home and the high testosterone levels in their blood mean they are more likely to get involved in cat fights which can lead to injuries and cat bite abscesses. Roaming entire males will also mate with females leading to unwanted pregnancies and an increase in the feral cat population.

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