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Rabbit Parasites

Encephalitozoon Cuniculi

E. cuniculi is a parasite - a small protozoan that lives inside the body cells of its host. It doesn't just infect rabbits: many other mammals (including humans in some special circumstances), and even birds can be infected. Further study is needed into E. cuniculi infection; we know it is very common in apparently healthy pet rabbits but that it can cause serious kidney and neurological problems in a minority of infected rabbits.

Renal (kidney) granulomas are usually harmless, although a few rabbits develop mild chronic renal failure with problems such as increasing thirst and weight loss but lesions in the brain cause the following problems:

- convulsions (fits)
- tremors
- torticollis (head tilt)
- hind limb weakness (ataxia)
- coma
- urinary incontinence (caused by the central nervous system lesions)
- loss of balance

We have wormers available which help prevent the E. cuniculi infection and also treat gut worms in rabbits. If you would like to speak with one of our qualified nurses regarding worming your rabbit please contact the surgery on 01729 823538.

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