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Routine Visits

Aiming for a calving index below 400 days whilst limiting the number of cows culled for fertility reasons is an important part of the management on any dairy farm. Through routine fertility visits (usually either fortnightly or monthly) we are able to help farmers make sure that their cows are getting served at the appropriate times after calving and that they are getting back in calf... read more

Implants and Embryos

At Dalehead we have recently started to perform embryo transfer.  It’s still early days and at the time of writing we are (nervously!) awaiting the results of the first few embryos we recently implanted... read more

Bull Soundness

Whilst a lot of attention is focused on the management of cows in the breeding programme of the herd, the importance of the role of the bull in achieving maximum fertility is often overlooked. A bull with decreased / poor fertility or serving ability can drastically reduce pregnancy rates, and have disastrous effects on calving patterns... read more

Bull Semen Collection

In addition to assessment of bull fertility by examination of semen samples following electro-ejaculation, we have recently started on farm collection of semen for processing into straws and freezing ready for use in artificial insemination... read more

Interherd and Herd Companion

Through NMR and CIS records and Interherd we can access individual farms’ milk recording information at the surgery... read more

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