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Dog Health


It is important that your new puppy starts its socialisation at an early age. We can start a vaccination programme which means you will be abkle to get out and about with your new pup, knowing they are safely protected against disease, from an early age. Please contact the surgery to make an appointment with the vet to start a vaccination programme.

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There are a huge number of dog foods available, all of varying degrees of quality and expense. You will be pleased to know the most expensive is not necessarily the best. We recommend a complete dry diet. Our recommendation is to pick a good quality fixed formula complete food such as Hills and stick to it. We recommend the Hill's Vet Essentials range which is balanced to provide all the nutrition your dog needs in a highly digestible and palatable diet.

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For a complete parasite control programme based on your pet's lifestyle, please contact the surgery to arrange an appointment with one of the vets.

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If you do not wish to breed from your dog then we recommend that you consider neutering. 

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