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  • November 2021 - Puppy Socialisation

    Fri 11 Nov 2021

    November 2021 - Puppy Socialisation

    Top tips on socialising your puppy along with articles on ultrasound scanning and cruciate ligament repair this month!

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  • October 2021 - Fireworks!

    Thu 10 Oct 2021

    October 2021 - Fireworks!

    It's that time of year again when those of us whose pets suffer from anxiety during the firework season start to prepare to keep them as calm and comfortable as possible - top tips on how to do this from our companion animal team. We also feature an article on feline lower urinary tract disease and introduce you to new vet Megan Pearson!

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  • September 2021 - Anxiety!

    Tue 09 Sep 2021

    September 2021 - Anxiety!

    Lots of dogs and puppies were purchased during lockdown and they now face an anxious time as their owners return to the workplace and to school. We take a look at canine separation anxiety in this month's newsletter.

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  • August 2021 - Cone of Shame!

    Thu 08 Aug 2021

    August 2021 - Cone of Shame!

    We've all that expression - the cone of shame, and there are not many dogs and cats that enjoy wearing an Elizabethan collar... so what are the alternatives?

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  • July 2021 - Cat Bite Abcess

    Fri 07 Jul 2021

    July 2021 - Cat Bite Abcess

    Cats often get into fights whilst defending their territory. Due to the high levels of bacteria they carry in their mouths, bite wounds can form abcesses which are painful and may require treatment. We explain the signs to look out for and when veterinary intervention is required. Also this month - don't stress! Tips on keeping those trips to the vets (or indeed anywhere) stress free with your pet. 

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  • June 2021 - Kennel Cough and Your Dog

    Tue 06 Jun 2021

    June 2021 - Kennel Cough and Your Dog

    We share the facts about Kennel Cough, looking after older rabbits and talk about microchipping cats.

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  • May 2021 - Guinea Pig Diseases

    Fri 05 May 2021

    May 2021 - Guinea Pig Diseases

    We have a full page feature on the three most prevalent diseases in Guinea pigs this month: Dental disease, respiratory disease and scurvy (vitamin C deficiency). We also have an interesting case study on wound management and look at holiday essentials when going away with your pet.

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  • April 2021 - Breeding Special

    Tue 04 Apr 2021

    April 2021 - Breeding Special

    As many clients have been requesting information on breeding their dogs, this month we focus on a breeding special. But please remember - there are many animals out there in rehoming centres looking for a loving forever home!

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  • March 2021 - Guinea Pig Awareness Week

    Thu 03 Mar 2021

    March 2021 - Guinea Pig Awareness Week

    Burgess Pet Care and partners have announced the launch of the first  Guinea Pig Awareness Week (GPAW) for March 2021. Building on the success of 15 years of Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW), GPAW will throw the spotlight on the UK’s guinea pigs with a week-long online festival. Also featured this month: Cracking the code - we help you to understand the subtle signs displayed by your cat.


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  • February 2021 - Preventative Dental Care

    Thu 02 Feb 2021

    February 2021 - Preventative Dental Care

    Good oral health is incredibly important for your pet and can prevent other conditions from developing. We take a look at good oral hygiene regimes for your cats and dogs. Also this month - meet Hollie! Vet Hollie Southey began working for us in November covering for Lianne who is currently on maternity leave.  

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  • January 2021 - Changes to Travelling Abroad with your Pet

    Tue 01 Jan 2021

    January 2021 - Changes to Travelling Abroad with your Pet

    Happy New Year! Many of our clients have been asking what the new rules are for travelling abroad with your pet following the UK's departure from the EU on 31st December 2020. We have guidelines for you in this month's newsletter as well as an update on our Covid-19 policies as we head into another lockdown. On a brighter note, we welcome Harriet Robinson to our Reception Team!

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  • December 2020 - A Big Thank You!

    Fri 12 Dec 2020

    December 2020 - A Big Thank You!

    In this month's newsletter we take the opportunity to thank you for your continued support during these difficult times. We also look at the importance of regular health assessments with the vet and give tips on how to keep your rabbits warm in winter.

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