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  • February 2024

    Tue 02 Feb 2024

    February 2024

    Compulsory cat micro-chipping, kidney disease in cats and an update on dispensing protocols for prescription only parasite  control medications in this month's newsletter.

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  • January 2024

    Mon 01 Jan 2024

    January 2024

    New Year's resolution? Keep those teeth shining brightly! We also look at affordable pet care during the cost of living crisis.

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  • December 2023 - Merry Christmas!

    Wed 12 Dec 2023

    December 2023 - Merry Christmas!

    Buddy writes his letter to Father Christmas full of Christmas wishes! Also this month, XL Bully breeds: We look at the upcoming changes to the law and government advice.

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  • November 2023

    Fri 11 Nov 2023

    November 2023

    It's that time of year again...we're not the only ones wanting to snuggle up in the warm, fleas are still active during the winter months too! This month we give you information on understanding a flea infestation. Also, runny or sticky eyes? What's the difference and when do you need to contact the vet for advice?

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  • October 2023

    Thu 10 Oct 2023

    October 2023

    This month: Pancreatitis - what is it and how do we treat it? 

    Trick or treat - it's that time of year when anxiety levels rise as fireworks begin to reappear on the scene!

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  • September 2023

    Thu 09 Sep 2023

    September 2023

    This month we discuss the importance of vaccination to your pet, and celebrate as Harriet passes her exams to become a C-SQP!

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  • August 2023

    Fri 08 Aug 2023

    August 2023

    This month's newsletter features details of our client evening regarding Dermatology in Veterinary Practice, and also looks at rabbit welfare during the summer months.

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  • July 2023

    Thu 07 Jul 2023

    July 2023

    This month we discuss the importance of neutering your rabbit and also give top tips on what to pack when taking your dog on holiday!

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  • June 2023

    Mon 06 Jun 2023

    June 2023

    In this month's newsletter we look at Fear in Dogs, the subtle signs and how to recognise them. We also advise on plants which might be poisonous to your pets.

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  • May 2023

    Thu 05 May 2023

    May 2023

    In this month's newsletter - Feline Hypertension Awareness Month and tick alert - they're back!

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  • April 2023

    Thu 04 Apr 2023

    April 2023

    This month we discuss diabetes and also the importance of neutering your pet if you do not intend to breed from them. 

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  • March 2023

    Fri 03 Mar 2023

    March 2023

    This month's newsletter features articles on the importance of the preventative health check and what this entails.

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