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  • October 2020 - Healthy Pet Club

    Fri 10 Oct 2020

    October 2020 - Healthy Pet Club

    This month we remind clients of the benefits to their pets (and their pockets!) of joining the Dalehead Healthy Pet Club which provides preventative treatment for your pet throughout the year - vaccination, flea & tick and worm treatments as well as a variety of other benefits, whilst spreading the cost with handy monthly direct debit payments. 

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  • September 2020 - Harvest Mites

    Thu 09 Sep 2020

    September 2020 - Harvest Mites

    The larvae of harvest mites can cause seasonal skin challenges for dogs and cats, particularly through late summer and autumn. We give advice on what to look out for, how to avoid and what we can do to treat. Also this month, pet obesity - a growing problem, and pet diabetes.

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  • August 2020 - Vaccinating Your Rabbit

    Thu 08 Aug 2020

    August 2020 - Vaccinating Your Rabbit

    Vaccinating your rabbits is an essential action in keeping them healthy and protected against several fatal diseases. This month we discuss a new strain of RHD-2 and the vaccination regime required. Also covered this month, planning ahead for holidays with your pet, the Border Collie a breed overview and a Covid update.

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  • July 2020 - Summer Fun

    Wed 07 Jul 2020

    July 2020 - Summer Fun

    Warm weather is good for the soul but it is also important to make sure that our pets don't overheat! Tops tips for summer fun in this month's newsletter.

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  • June 2020 - Outdoor Life

    Fri 06 Jun 2020

    June 2020 - Outdoor Life

    Whilst we are all spending more time in our gardens, some plants can be toxic to our pets. We give a simple guide on which plants can be harmful to you dogs and cats. The warmer weather can bring the risk of heatstroke, so it's important to recognise the signs and take appropriate action. Parasite of the month...the flea! Information and a fun wordsearch. Also thuis month, the importance of your pet's Repeat Medication Check and how we are managing appointments using social distancing measures in place.

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  • May 2020 - Itchy Scratchy!

    Fri 05 May 2020

    May 2020 - Itchy Scratchy!

    Watch out - ticks are about, and they're not the only pesky parasites to be after your pet! Plus a rabbit vaccine update.

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  • April 2020 - Covid-19 Update

    Fri 04 Apr 2020

    April 2020 - Covid-19 Update

    We update you on procedures at the surgery during these unprecedented times.

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  • March 2020 - Tummy Trouble!

    Fri 03 Mar 2020

    March 2020 - Tummy Trouble!

    We have seen a rise in the cases of vomiting and diarrhoea recently in Settle and the surrounding area which has been reflected across parts of the UK. Take part in an online survey if your pet has been affected. Also this month, the importance of companionship for rabbits, the Pet Anxiety Month campaign seeks to educate owners on the stresses experienced by their pets and a feature on Alabama Rot, a rare disease which affects dogs.

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  • February 2020 - Look After That Smile

    Thu 02 Feb 2020

    February 2020 - Look After That Smile

    Unlike us, our pets are not able to manage their own dental health and rely on us as both owners and veterinary professionals to take care of their teeth for them and preserve that smile! Also this month, a Valentine love story, Kez the Mountain Rescue Search Dog and what happened when Tig came in to be neutered.

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  • January 2020 - Happy New Decade!

    Mon 01 Jan 2020

    January 2020 - Happy New Decade!

    Thinking of getting a dog or puppy? Our team are on board to offer you the advice you need BEFORE you take on your new pet! A few tips in this month's newsletter, plus why not have a free telephone consultation with one of our qualified nurses to help answer any questions you may have?

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  • December 2019 - 12 Foreign Bodies of Christmas!

    Thu 12 Dec 2019

    December 2019 - 12 Foreign Bodies of Christmas!

    With safety in mind over the festive period, vet Sharon has come up with a brilliant take on the Christmas carol The Twelve Days of Christmas based on her experience with foreign bodies in inquistive pets over this time! We also take time to consider looking after our rabbits in the winter time and safety features when walking in the hours of darkness.

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  • November 2019 - Ear Problems in Dogs

    Fri 11 Nov 2019

    November 2019 - Ear Problems in Dogs

    In this month's newsletter we take an in depth look at 'otitis externa', or inflammation of the ear canal, in dogs. There are also some top tips on keeping your bunnies fit and healthy throughout the winter months!

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