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Rabbit Neutering


It is important that female rabbits (does) are neutered for a number of reasons. Firstly to prevent unwanted offspring either fathered by a companion male rabbit, or wild rabbits that may come into your garden. Does can give birth to between 4 and 12 kits per litter and can easily have several litters in a year.
Even if you have two female rabbits living together, it is advisable to have them both spayed to prevent phantom (false) pregnancies which may cause rabbits to fight and pluck out their own hair in order to make nests.
There is also a risk of womb infection which can make your rabbit seriously ill and can be costly to treat. We usually spay female rabbits from 6 months of age.


Apart from preventing rabbits from breeding, castration can help with aggression and behavioural issues which commonly occur in male rabbits (bucks). They will often show aggression when they reach sexual maturity, either to companion animals or even to their owners. They can also mount other male rabbits, other animals, or toys to try and assert their dominance.
We also advise castration to prevent prostatic and testicular tumours from forming.
Male rabbits can be castrated from 3-4 months of age but it is important to remember that they can still carry semen for a couple of weeks after castration and it takes 6-8 weeks for the testosterone to leave the bloodstream altogether. It is important to keep males and females apart for this period after castration so that unwanted pregnancy is avoided.


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