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  • June 2022 - Blowfly Strike

    Thu 06 Jun 2022

    June 2022 - Blowfly Strike

    Are you prepared for the onset of blowfly strike? We give an overview of the problem and advice on prevention! Also this month, an update on our recent Beef Fertility Meeting, clostridial disease in lambs and an update from our in-house laboratory.

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  • May 2022 - Beef Fertility Focus

    Thu 05 May 2022

    May 2022 - Beef Fertility Focus

    We are holding two meetings this month focused on Beef Fertility - see the newsletter for further details. Also this month; we take a look at the golden qualities of colostrum and there is a high risk nematodirus alert!

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  • April 2022 - Worming Options for Youngstock

    Tue 04 Apr 2022

    April 2022 - Worming Options for Youngstock

    Looking ahead to turnout, we have some advice on worming options for youngstock. Also this month, a flurry of flock advice and, following the recent farming documentary broadcast on the BBC, the BCVA issue guidance on managing the downer cow.

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  • March 2022 - Rattlebelly

    Fri 03 Mar 2022

    March 2022 - Rattlebelly

    Now that the licensed oral antibiotic doser for prevention/treatment of rattlebelly has ceased production, we take a look at alternative control strategies. Also in this month's newsletter - abortion in sheep, an update from our Dairy Cow Nutrition Meeting and Leptospirosis, BVD and Lungworm vaccinations prior to turnout.

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  • February 2022 - Flockcheck

    Fri 02 Feb 2022

    February 2022 - Flockcheck

    MSD are running the Flockcheck initiative again this year which will pay for the laboratory fees to be processed on blood from 6 ewes which have either been barren, aborted or produced weakly live lambs. Contact the office for details. We also have a meeting arranged for 24th February on Dairy Cow Nutrition as well as our Annual Lambing Meeting on 21st February! 

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  • January 2022 - Nutrition for the Pregnant Ewe

    Mon 01 Jan 2022

    January 2022 - Nutrition for the Pregnant Ewe

    Nutrition for the pregnant ewe is a hot topic at this time of year, we give advice on the different stages and nutrition required. Also this month... Mycoplasma Bovis infections are commonly recognised on dairy farms, we take a look at the symptoms, routes of infection and treatment options.  

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  • December 2021 - Meetings!

    Thu 12 Dec 2021

    December 2021 - Meetings!

    We have had a flurry of meetings recently and this month we give you an overview of the meeting held with Professor Mark Crowe from the University of Dublin on bovine fertility. Also this month, fluke update, cold calves cost cash and a few more dates for your diaries.

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  • November 2021 - Housing Time

    Fri 11 Nov 2021

    November 2021 - Housing Time

    Everything's indoors, or soon will be! We look at vaccination and control of parasites at housing time. Also this month, digital dermatitis in cattle, revised standards for Red Tractor and upcoming meetings.

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  • October 2021 - Pasturella

    Thu 10 Oct 2021

    October 2021 - Pasturella

    Pasturella season is upon us and this month we discuss treatment and prevention. We also have an update on sheep liver fluke and articles on calf jackets and tup uroliths.

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  • September 2021 - New Farm Building

    Tue 09 Sep 2021

    September 2021 - New Farm Building

    We are very proud to announce that our new farm services building will be operational soon and we hope that you can join us in celebrating on our Open Day on Saturday 2nd October!

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  • August 2021 - Quarantine Protocol for Purchased Sheep

    Thu 08 Aug 2021

    August 2021 - Quarantine Protocol for Purchased Sheep

    An in depth look at the dos and don't when bringing purchased sheep back onto your farm. Also this month: Mastitis causing bacteria and rumen drinking in calves.

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  • July 2021 - Join the March!

    Thu 07 Jul 2021

    July 2021 - Join the March!

    Sheep lameness and the Five Point Plan, teaser tups and summer mastitis - it's all happening in this month's newletter! 

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